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  • Microsoft Office 2019: You Deserve To Have
    Time: Apr. 4, 2019

    The Office software was one of the most used Microsoft products and is now the backbone of the various activities we perform on our personal and business PCs. Microsoft Office 2019 is now available with new features and improved security.

    Office 2019, the latest version of the Windows and Mac Office suite, with new useful features that connect almost perfectly to the familiar interface. A non-distracting mode for Word, better dynamic tables for Excel, better graphics and support for PowerPoint pens are just some of the many improvements in venerable Office. While these are not important updates to the suite, they can be very productive for the right users.

    As always, Microsoft offers more versions of Office than anyone wants to follow. The versions of Office 2019 that will be of interest to most users are Office Home & Student 2019, which includes Word, Excel and PowerPoint, and is licensed only for Windows or Mac computers.

    For most word processors, spreadsheets and presentation work, "buy once" and subscription desktops are pretty much the same.

    On the other hand, aside from monthly security updates and occasional bugfixes, Office 2019 will remain the same until you decide to upgrade to a later version in a few years.

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