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  • Microsoft Promises to Fix Windows 10 Corruption
    Time: Dec. 20, 2019

    The number of failed updates to Microsoft Windows 10 continues. The update recently released in November 2019 brings additional problems with File Explorer Finder, a problem that has not yet been resolved.

    File Explorer is a Windows 10 tool that allows you to explore files and folders on your hard drive. There is also a search box that allows you to quickly and easily find files in drives and folders.

    Windows 10X for dual-screen devices can also run normal Windows applications. Unfortunately, Microsoft was able to use the search box in the Windows update of November 10, 2019, providing the ability to search both its online storage in the OneDrive cloud and its local files.

    In addition to adding this functionality, the update also corrupted the search bar, as several users complained that the window did not respond for a while while using the search. Users also cannot right-click and paste text in the search bar with the mouse.

    File Explorer is such an important part of Windows 10 that it is unforgivable that Microsoft has introduced a problem and has not yet resolved it.

    However, Microsoft is apparently working on a solution that is included in the first preliminary versions of Windows 10 20H1, which will be released in early 2020.

    While it is good to know that there is a pending patch, it is quite frustrating that the version of Windows 10 with patch 19013, as noted by Windows Recent, is actually sent to the evaluators a few weeks before the release of the update from November 2019. has been sent. This means that Microsoft has provided an update for Windows 10, although there has been a problem, which does not look good.

    In a newer version of Windows 10 20H1, version 19536, Microsoft has also restored the right-click option in the search bar.

    The search in File Explorer should now be corrected. However, if you do not want to try an earlier version for the next major Windows 10 update, you will have to wait until 2020.

    Naturally, many Microsoft customers are not satisfied with it. This is another example of Microsoft that delivers a questionable update to Windows 10.

    With the end of the life of Windows 7 in January 2020, Microsoft hopes to convince millions of users of the old operating system to switch to Windows 10. However, if incorrect updates continue to be delivered, this could discourage many people. We are still waiting for Microsoft to quickly resolve this disaster.

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