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  • Microsoft will release Chromium Edge in January 2020 as part of Windows 10 update
    Time: Dec. 21, 2019

    Microsoft has evolved at an unusual rate since the announcement of the end of its fully customized Edge browser. The company announced in late 2018 that it will switch to a Chromium-based browser that integrates Microsoft services instead of Google. After months of work, you can try Chromium Edge now. Microsoft announces that the stable version of its new browser will be available as part of a Windows 10 update in January.

    Microsoft has been trying for years to keep people away from Chrome, which dominates the browser market. Microsoft has even tried to harass Windows users with questionable Chrome warnings that denounce Edge's battery efficiency. However, Chrome was faster and, in general, offered better support on the web.

    The new Edge has the same chrome base as Chrome, Opera and many other browsers. However, you have access to the Microsoft account and features such as Bing, a dark theme and trackers lock. Microsoft also supports extensions that developers can immediately send to the Edge repository.

    We already knew that Microsoft expected to launch the browser in January, but some users may not be delighted that it arrives as part of a Windows update. Unless you are on a managed corporate network, Windows 10 updates are functionally mandatory. Your PC will finally download the update and ask you to restart to complete the installation.

    For most people, change is not a problem. You haven't used the old Edge, and you probably won't use the new Edge. However, Microsoft always stops another program on your computer. Fortunately, Microsoft has a tool that prevents Edge from installing on your computer during the next update. It takes a bit of footwork, but the process is quite simple. You can then choose when to install the new Edge browser.

    After the initial release, perimeter updates are no longer linked to Windows updates. You should get new stable versions of Edge several times a year. If you are curious about what the new browser has in store for you, you can now download the Beta, Dev or Canary versions of Edge, these are updated much faster.

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