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  • Minecraft’s Pocket and Windows 10 editions reach 1.0
    Time: Nov. 27, 2019

    MineCraft Gift Code is a game that seems to run on anything. Be it your phone, PC, Xbox, or even your VR headset, Minecraft has a version for it. What all these versions all lack, however, is feature parity. The Windows 10 PC edition even lacks content found in the Java PC edition, and it results in a pretty different experience when you try the game out on another device. The team at Mojang has been taking steps to fix that, and a big leap ahead is coming soon to both the mobile and Windows 10 versions 1.0.

    This update adds a variety of things depending on your platform, but the biggest addition is The End. This area was originally released in version 1.0 of the original Java PC version of the game, and feature the game final boss. It's a big enough addition to the game that this update even being officially called The Ender Update.

    It's been five long years since the original release of Minecraft: Pocket Edition, and it was the first of many strides to get Minecraft running on all the platforms it runs on today. Originally an insanely barebones port that hardly featured anything, it's gone on to become almost as big as the original version of the game.

    One big thing consistently been missing is the game soundtrack, and that's thankfully changing with 1.0. It won't be included in the main download for the game, but it will presumably be easy to find Minecraft: microsoft windows 10 home oem cd key Edition owners who happen to have an Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch also have a special reason to be happy, as 1.0 will bring support for Oculus Touch.

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