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  • MiniTool has released a new version of the Partition Wizard software
    Time: Jul. 10, 2019

    MiniTool Software Ltd has released version 11.5 of its Disk Manager software for all Windows Home and Server users. This version includes many features that make it more complete, more convenient and more efficient than ever.

    1. BitLocker Partition Recovery

    One of the most important improvements is the implementation of BitLocker partition recovery. This makes the MiniTool Partition Wizard the first commercially available tool to recover a lost or defective BitLocker partition due to deletion, formatting, virus attack or for any other reason.

    2. Italian and Korean

    MiniTool is becoming more global every day, running sites in many countries and working in multiple languages. These users who do not speak English can now interact more easily with MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.5 to manage their hard drive. If you have not noticed yet, MiniTool Partition Wizard 11.4 has been released and is available in French from May 28, 2019. The previous version 11.4 will not take more than two months to be released, 36 days to be exact. The MiniTool software now offers the disk and partition management solution in six languages: English, German, Japanese, French, Korean and Italian.

    3. Convert a dynamic disk to the basic optimization of the disk

    This new version also optimizes the process of converting dynamic disks to basic disks. MiniTool continues working on the solution of several problems to improve its usability as of 2011, the year of the introduction of the Windows dynamic disc support function.

    A magical alternative to partitions, Minitool Partition Wizard 11.5 is the latest partition management software that manages partitions on Windows 10/8/7 / XP and Server 2003/2008/2012 with a full set of operations. The program is used to manage the hard drive partition.

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