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  • MiniTool Power Data Recovery – Safe and Easy Data Recovery Software
    Time: Mar. 4, 2020

    You may have learned the hard way how to back up your data. However, restoring lost data from backups is not the only way to recover lost data. If you have not backed up your data, you need powerful data recovery software. This type of application searches for lost files on your hard drive and other types of data storage, then restores those files to their original state. The fact is that not all data recovery applications are the same, and have different successes. In this article, we will introduce you a data recovery software - MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    You can run MiniTool Power Data Recovery on Windows and MacOS computers. Keep in mind, however, that these two editions are separate editions. We test the application on a Windows 10 PC. It is important to say that you do not need a powerful computer and even some very obsolete PCs can easily run this application.

    As for the compatible versions of Windows, you can install this application in Windows 10, as well as in previous versions of Windows: 32-bit and 64-bit editions. Also note that it is recommended to have a second hard drive in your device. Running the application on the same hard drive that contains your lost data can have unwanted consequences.

    If you are facing a data loss crisis, you do not need a complicated solution. You want something that can be installed in a minute, and that is exactly what MiniTool Power Data Recovery offers. You have to download it from the official website, run the installer and you're done.

    When installing this application, you will be asked to install it on a secondary hard drive. Installation on your primary hard drive may cause additional data loss. To ensure that you fully use this application, you must install it on a secondary hard drive or at least a secondary partition.

    When you buy a license, you must also activate the application. This is done in the user interface by clicking on the magnifying glass icon. Enter your activation code and you're done.

    Unlike many skeuomorphic applications, MiniTool Power Data Recovery has a modern and very tidy user interface. The home screen is divided into two segments, with a sidebar on the left and the main part of the user interface on the right. In the sidebar, you can select different types of research media, including internal and external readers. On the right side, you can select different drives or partitions that you want to scan.

    At the top of the window, you will find a series of symbols in the upper right. This mainly affects the links to the official website of this application, so you can consult a startup solution, get help or buy a premium license. Then you will also see several buttons in the lower area. On the right side, you can verify the configuration field and here you can also initialize your scan.

    MiniTool Power Data Recovery is not the fastest application of its kind, but keep in mind that an in-depth investigation is conducted that will yield better results.

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