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  • MiniTool releases Partition Wizard 11 with 3 new functions
    Time: Mar. 3, 2020

    MiniTool Software Limited, a leading provider of disk management, data recovery and backup solutions, has announced the launch of MiniTool Partition Wizard 11. This new partition manager has three excellent new features, including data recovery, testing comparative disk and storage analyzer.

    Data Recovery

    To recover permanently deleted files, data recovery software is the ideal solution. With this in mind, MiniTool has expanded Partition Wizard 11 with its powerful data recovery technology. This is very useful when users need to recover lost files from damaged, formatted or inaccessible hard drives. However, users must purchase the MiniTool Partition Wizard Pro 11 version to unlock this feature.

    Disk Benchmark

    Since this update, Partition Assistant 11 has a hard disk benchmarking feature that offers variable transfer sizes and test lengths. Users can measure sequential and random read / write speeds. After simply selecting a unit and then setting the initial benchmarking parameters, the user receives diagrams to understand the results.

    Space analyzer

    Space Analyzer stands out among the numerous functions of the MiniTool Partition Wizard 11. With this function you can analyze the space used on the hard disk. By simply selecting a partition to scan, users can clearly understand disk usage.

    Several improvements and bug fixes

    MiniTool corrects some previous errors that caused partition recovery to fail on MBR drives larger than 2TB. The partition wizard 11 intelligently converts the hard disk into a GPT hard disk and then successfully performs partition recovery.

    In previous versions, the Partition Wizard showed external dynamic drives as defective drives. The new version can identify and display the information of these hard drives. The screen settings that were lost after restarting the software are now retained.

    In addition, MiniTool Partition wizard 11 has become easier to use: during partition recovery, existing partitions are selected by default and users can register the demo version. These improvements and bug fixes have helped improve the price / performance ratio of partition wizard 11.

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