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  • MiniTool Releases Power Data Recovery 9.0: Desktop/Recycle Bin/Folder Recovery
    Time: Nov. 20, 2020

    This is the second time that MiniTool has announced a new version of this software this year. New features in Power Data Recovery 9.0:


    Add Desktop Recovery
    The files on the desktop are generally large and are used frequently. If desktop files are missing for some reason, for example B. Black Screen of Death, the newly added desktop recovery feature of Power Data Recovery 9.0 can deep scan and view lost and deleted files on desktop. Since the software only displays the files found on the desktop, users can save some effort by choosing the files they really need.


    Add Recycle Bin Recovery
    When you access the Recycle Bin, permanently deleted files are recovered using leading data recovery programs in most cases. In Power Data Recovery 9.0, this long-missing feature was added to scan the Recycle Bin. With this approach, the software will only find, display and recover deleted files from the Recycle Bin. This restricts the scan area and speeds up scan time, allowing users to quickly identify the items they want.


    Add Specific Folder Recovery
    It is a waste of time to scan the entire disk, but only recover data from a known location. With the newly added specific folder restore in Power Data Recovery 9.0, users can choose a destination folder for a full scan. The scan results will show the files in that specified folder. From this point of view, the new version of Power Data Recovery can help users quickly find the files they need.


    Bug Fix & Improvement
    MiniTool is always dedicated to optimizing the data analysis algorithm. The new Power Data Recovery 9.0 also brings improvements that focus on scanning speed and data recovery results. Other bugs have been fixed in this version. In the previous version 8.8, we noticed that the boot device does not support Spanish, and the results of the partition scan may sometimes differ from what is displayed in the central panel. Now everything is fixed in version 9.0.


    About MiniTool Power Data Recovery
    MiniTool Power Data Recovery was developed by MiniTool Software Limited. This software aims to recover lost files from multiple data storage devices like internal / external hard drives, USB drives, SD cards, etc.