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  • Motosped V50: A Cheap RGB Gaming Mouse
    Time: Dec. 23, 2019

    The appearance of the Motospeed V50 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse again blurs the lines between the two segments of the mice for mid-range and high-end games, since it only costs $21.14. However, Motospeed offers a high quality experience.

    The Motospeed V50 first appeared at the end of June and has so far been represented in numerous agencies and gaming equipment stores. This is the latest integrated RGB LED gaming mouse from Motospeed, a brand of gaming devices well known to Vietnamese players and particularly appreciated in computer rooms due to their economic and lasting advantages.

    The Motospeed V50 has remained true to the design of its predecessors and will be developed by Motospeed according to simple, easy to use and uniform criteria for most players. The contours of the mouse are not elegant, complex, but very close and safe.

    The most impressive and at the same time most important improvement of the V50 is the beautiful RGB LED system, which can be seen on the mouse housing and the edge at the edges. Even in standard mode, the RGB light of the V50 is enough to seduce the user, soften the eyes and reach the required "bright" level. In particular, players can adjust the LED using the Motospeed controller.

    In particular, the property of the RGB function is not inferior to the high-end products on the market, but the V50 currently has a mid-range price of $20. This detail makes the latest Motospeed product an excellent name, which promises to establish an unmistakable brand in the gaming mouse market, which is currently very different in style and brand.

    Experience has shown that the V50 is quite small and fits easily in the palm of the reader.

    We can say that Motospeed V50 easily becomes one of the most competitive RGB gaming mice on the market at $20. Thanks in particular to the simplicity of use, the wide range of functions and the proximity of the mouse to many different users, the V50 It is suitable for both personal use and for use in a computer room.

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