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  • Motospeed CK108 Gaming Mechanical Keyboard Review
    Time: Sep. 10, 2019

    China's electronic products have been controversial, and almost everyone agrees that China's electronic products are cheap, low-quality equipment. However, when we see the MotoSpeed CK108 mechanical keyboard, you will find out how wrong you are.

    The Motospeed CK108 already qualitatively distinguishes itself from the outer packaging compared to other well-known brands in the market. When opened, the RGB mechanical keyboard is displayed, perfectly intact, without damaging or missing a single key. Brushed aluminum body and black keys without multimedia buttons. However, this is not bad news because the board can perform all these missing functions as function keys. In general, a very solid keyboard case is built.

    The obvious difference between the keyboards of the Motospeed CK108 gaming keyboards and K70 game are the keys and their space. If you feel your hands are distant for the type or game, you probably prefer the Motospeed CK108 because it has the most compact distance I've seen on a keyboard.

    Although the Motospeed CK108 is a keyboard with excellent RGB lighting, it will be extremely difficult for users to take full advantage of the card's 16.8 million color palette due to poor Motospeed driver support. On the home page, I didn't even find the Motospeed CK108 because it was mislabeled as a completely different keyboard.

    Each of the supposed programmable macro buttons acts as three different color effect buttons and offers a total of 18 different effects to play. The Motospeed CK108 is really for those who like to party. The Motospeed CK108 offers all the functions, whether the waveforms or colors change. Most of the best effects use the same opaque golden color, but it is always good to be able to change the effects in the blink of an eye with the touch of a button.

    The Motospeed CK108 mechanical keyboard offers almost the same quality and manufacturing features as brands known as Corsair at a fraction of the price. If you are a user without experience in RGB cards, because it always seems very expensive, or if you are looking for a worthwhile solution, the Motospeed CK108 will please all your online purchases.

    The Motospeed CK108 RGB Wired Gaming Mechanical Keyboard can be purchased from or other online retailers.

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