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  • Motospeed CK108 USB Wired Game Keyboard
    Time: Jan. 3, 2020

    I was glad to introduce the Motospeed CK108 keyboard and be a fan of mechanical keyboards that offer a complete view. I was not disappointed and had a lot of fun adapting, but I speak more smoothly.

    With no less than 16.8 million vivid colors, the CK108 keyboard is designed to impress not only with its 18 customizable color themes, but also for your convenience, such as removing the palm rest.

    Great classic keyboards of this type, but essential, you can program your macros to save precious time. Because, what better way is there to start your favorite shows with just one touch? Speaking of time, despite the many functions, the keyboard does not ask you to install a driver to recognize your keyboard.

    The CK108 even has a flash memory to maintain the settings of your games (macro, lights, etc.) without having to install anything! You can also program your buttons so you can quickly switch between them without having to reconfigure your game, perfect for those who prefer to play with the arrows.

    I think that pressing the keys of this mechanical keyboard is perfect and easy to configure. However, you can spend the afternoons customizing your PC to the smallest detail. Nothing to install, if you want to start buying a new customizable keyboard at will, I recommend this Motospeed gaming keyboard - CK108 keyboard which can be purchased easily on at a cheaper price.