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  • Motospeed CK108 USB Wired Game Keyboard
    Time: Aug. 12, 2020

    I had a chance to test drive the Motospeed CK108 keyboard and was a fan of mechanical keyboards that turn heads. I was not disappointed and I especially enjoyed the customization, but I can tell you that.


    With no less than 16.8 million vibrant colors, the Motospeed CK108 keyboard is designed not only to impress you with its 18 customizable color themes, but also for your convenience by allowing you to remove the palm rest, for example.



    A great classic for keyboards of this standard, but a must. You can schedule your macros to save precious time. Because what better way to start your favorite shows with the push of a button? Speaking of time, the keyboard doesn't ask you to install a driver to recognize your keyboard, despite the many functions it offers!


    The Motospeed CK108 even has a flash memory to keep your game settings and always without installation! You can also program your keys so that you can quickly switch between them without having to reconfigure your game.



    I find that pressing the keys on this mechanical keyboard is just perfect and easy to learn. You can still spend your afternoons customizing your PC as precisely as possible. Nothing to install, if you are looking to buy a new customizable keyboard, I recommend this Motospeed CK108 keyboard, cheap for its quality.


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