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  • Motospeed CK888 - A cheap Gaming Set
    Time: Oct. 21, 2019

    Motospeed CK888 consists of two essential elements for each player: a mechanical keyboard and a mouse. The Motospeed CK888 costs $ 60.64 and can be purchased at For such a sum, it is difficult to find a good mechanical keyboard, much less a set with a mouse.

    Best gaming keyboard

    The first impressions associated with the keyboard are the most positive. The product seems solid and without major defects. The keyboard has an open and undeveloped design. The individual keys are placed on a metal base. The inclination allows us to identify the switches and the backlight used.

    The individual keys are pressed firmly enough. For reasons of space, the manufacturer did not anticipate the distance between the number keys of the main body and the function keys. You should get used to such a solution, as well as to the small differences between the selected keys. However, it should be added that the keyboard is normal size: it has a digital range side.

    At first glance, the keyboard seems confusing, like that of the Hykker brand in Biedronka. And, in fact, it has many common elements, including a structural defect that obviously could not be eliminated in the production phase.

    This is an irregular surface that prevents the keyboard from remaining stable on the desktop and fluctuates during use. This problem can be easily minimized by using your feet and placing the keyboard in a slightly inclined inclined position.

    In general, the keyboard included in the Motospeed CK888 kit can be considered solid. Outside the uneven and unstable base, you can't hold on to something too much. This is a great advantage considering the low price of the set.

    Best gaming mouse

    With a mouse, we can also talk about solid quality. All the elements have been molded in plastic, but there are no structural defects or messy finishes. The upper part of the rodent, which rests on the finger and hand, is covered with a non-slip layer. The material is slightly gummed to the touch. This prevents excessive sliding of the hand on the mouse and stabilizes the hand during work.

    The manufacturer also provided a special fingerprint with a rough surface, which also contains two buttons used by default for the front and back functions. Interestingly, you will find an identical retreat on the other side of the mouse, but without the buttons mentioned.

    Rodent design is therefore symmetric except for the mentioned buttons. This should be fun for left-handed people, even if they don't use additional function keys.

    In addition to the two main buttons and the two side buttons that I mentioned earlier, there is also a mouse wheel button and the DPI editing button that is running.

    Of course, there could be a backlight of different colors. Not only the logo and the mouse wheel shine, but also the empty spaces between the joints of the different elements. This seems to be fine, although unfortunately it is impossible to manually control the backlight due to the lack of dedicated software. It is fixed in four DPI modes.

    The ergonomics of the mouse is decent, if not perfect. The rodent is probably in your hand, but you must get used to the artificial cavity on the right. Without a doubt, it is more convenient for people who want to put their whole hand on the mouse.

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