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  • Motospeed Inflictor CK104 Review
    Time: Aug. 26, 2020

    Motospeed is one of the fastest-growing peripheral brands in 2016. It has gained popularity due to its Motospeed Inflictor CK104 keyboard and is currently receiving attention, especially due to the low cost and high quality of certain devices.


    But contrary to most public perceptions, Motospeed is not a new brand in the field of peripherals. Although many people didn't know about it until the end of 2015 or 2016, Motospeed is already an experienced brand, and the Brazilian public already knows its products, but the name is unknown.



    Dazz Kirata, Dazz Smilodon and PCYes Orion mouse are just a few examples of the products he designs and sells for other brands. Motospeed also designed other brands of mice, keyboards and headphones. She is not a newbie in this field, but her formal influence on the international market was minimal until 2015.


    However, there is one thing that makes it more and more popular: a product launched at an aggressive price that completely changed the image and public perception of Motospeed: Motospeed Inflictor CK104.


    Motospeed CK104 is one of the first mechanical RGB keyboards at a low price. Its price is almost a third of the value held by many "big brand" competitors, and it has occupied multiple markets, especially in Brazil, where it has become very popular.



    The success of this keyboard has made the public very interested in other products of the brand, and the demand for Motospeed mice and headsets is also growing strongly.


    In the mechanical keyboard, Motospeed CK104 looks very simple. Although the brand is marketing on aluminum panels, when analyzing other keyboards, I will repeat what I often point out: there is a "trick" behind it, and the exposed back panel will not make the Motospeed CK104 or any other keyboard "durable" "Sex" is better than other keyboards.


    But what really scares me is the technique of this keyboard. Even among keyboards with exposed switches, it is still one of the thinnest and lightest keyboards in its class. Compared with the "normal" mechanical keyboard, the difference is huge.


    However, this is only a function of the keyboard and will not affect its quality or durability in any way.


    On the back of the keyboard, we can find the Motospeeed logo and some very basic information about the keyboard. Strangely, there is no information about the manufacture or serial number of the keyboard. Even its drop is one of the easiest drops I have seen on the keyboard.



    There are two huge pieces of rubber on the keyboard to hold it in place, and the tilt feet are covered with rubber. In terms of buttons, the materials used in the Motospeed CK104 are more impressive than some of the more expensive keyboards.


    Motospeed CK104 uses keys of better quality than its much more expensive competitors.


    The cost of this implementation is much higher, and it also reduces the brightness of the buttons. However, the biggest problem with cheap keyboards that use these keys is that they all use the same font because they use the same manufacturer's keys.


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