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  • Motospeed Promotion on BZFuture
    Time: Feb. 3, 2020

    The BZFuture store launched a new campaign to offer users the best technological products in the Chinese market at the best prices. Motospeed is one of the best Chinese manufacturers of gaming peripherals, such as keyboards and mice, and offers a complete catalog with the cheapest prices.

    The best Motospeed products currently on offer:

    1. Motospeed CK666 NKRO Optical Mechanical Keyboard Mouse Combo

    We start with a sensational combination of mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse with high performance and the best quality. The mouse offers 800DPI, 1000DPI, 1600DPI and 2400DPI operating modes to adapt to the requirements of all users and to different application situations. It also includes LED lighting and two side buttons useful for surfing the Internet.

    Now we are seeing the keyboard, which has a very ergonomic design and is equipped with blue switches for tactile and audible feedback. These mechanisms have a lifespan of 5 million pulses, which is more than enough to easily take advantage of them for several years. The keyboard has LED lighting, an anti-phantom system with 26 keys and an aluminum-based design.

    2. Motospeed K87 Blue Switch Mechanical Keyboard

    Another sensational and economical mechanical keyboard that makes this technology available to all users. Blue switches provide tactile and audible feedback. This time it is a compact keyboard that does not have a numeric keypad to offer a solution that takes up less space and is ideal for users who do not have much desk space. It is also easier to take them home with friends. It has Full N-Key flipping technology, which allows you to press a large number of keys without collapsing, and offers 10 lighting modes.

    3. Motospeed BK40 Ultra-thin Flodable Bluetooth Keyboard

    To ensure maximum mobility, we offer the ultra-thin and fluid Motospeed BK40 Bluetooth keyboard with a revolutionary folding design so that we can easily store and transport it. It works through Bluetooth 3.0 and offers operational autonomy of up to 40 hours. This makes it ideal for use with your tablet and for school. It is compatible with Mac OS, Android, iOS and Windows operating systems, so you can use it with any of your devices with a Bluetooth interface.

    4. Motospeed V30 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse

    The optical mouse for games with USB cable Motospeed V30 is the most advanced mouse of the Chinese manufacturer and covers the needs of a large number of players and users in general. It offers a sensor that can be used in the 500DPI, 750DPI, 1000DPI, 1500DPI, 2000DPI and 3500DPI modes, to suit all application situations. It offers an ergonomic design to hold it in your hand without feeling tired, and the main buttons are equipped with high quality Japanese Omron mechanisms.

    5. Motospeed P10 Double Sided Mouse Pad

    The Motospeed P10 double-sided mouse pad is the perfect companion for your mouse during long gaming sessions. The mouse pad is made of aluminum to provide a very attractive design with excellent quality and an excellent surface on which you can move the mouse. softness and softness. The edges are coated with rubber to ensure durability and a better grip on your desk.

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