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  • Motospeed Q20 Gaming Mouse Bungee Review
    Time: Apr. 8, 2020

    A mouse bungee is a device that secures a computer mouse cable, prevents the cable from tangling, and offers complete freedom of movement. It can be made with plastic, metal and silicone tools. In 1994, they were primarily used in offices, but as of 2010, their popularity in the gaming industry increased and they are primarily marketed to eSports players.


    The mouse bungee consists of a wide and stable base plate with a non-slip base and an oblique, spring-loaded cable clamp and cable crane, which is approximately 10 cm high. A stabilizing weight is integrated into the plastic frame to guarantee the necessary weight. Ideally, it is positioned in front of the mouse and the length of the cable is manually adjusted so that the entire mouse pad can be easily reached without unnecessary cable ties. The back of the cable remains on the table without disturbing. Some models also have a USB hub, which requires an additional input cable from the computer, but offers several output options, for example B. USB 2.0 and USB 3.0.



    Motospeed Q20 is a detachable direct-connecting rubber mouse cable clamp, which can effectively avoid the entanglement of the mouse cable and avoid the trouble caused by dragging the mouse cable when playing games (especially CS, WOW, LOL, etc.) SuperSpeed USB3.0 transfer speed is up to 5 Gbps, 10 x greater than USB2.0 that allows users to add four USB3.0 ports for your computer in seconds, setting aside less time for syncing and device switching and more time for work, also backwards compatible with USB2.0 / 1.1. No additional driver needed.


    MOTOSPEED Q20 Gaming Mouse Bungee Features:
    * 5V2.4A Fast Charging - One 5V2.4A charging port brings fast charging convenience for your phones or tablets and DC 12V power adapter provides adequate and stable power supply.


    * Unique Design - With individual Bionics Scorpio style, ORICO LH4CS is your unique desk accessory fixed by 3 feet to avoid skidding and equipped with 3.3Ft. data cable to perfectly match your laptop and desktop.


    * Compatibility - MOTOSPEED Q20 is compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7/8/Linux


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