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  • Motospeed V30 - Cheap Gaming Mouse
    Time: Dec. 10, 2019

    Since I loved the Motospeed CK107 keyboard, I could not stay here without telling them about the Motospeed V30 Wired Optical USB Gaming Mouse, a mouse of the same brand that is equally interesting, and to give a description to this article.

    The first big thing is that the Motospeed V30 mouse, in addition to its unbeatable price, has 6 DPI settings to meet your needs. So we are already dealing with a reactive mouse in the range of 750 to 3500 DPI, which is suitable for all types of players.

    In addition, this speed beast offers almost 5,000 million shares! Omron's microswitch technology allows Motospeed V30 users to obtain a quality product because roulette and mouse clicks are very important, especially during games! We don't notice it, but we often click on the day. You prefer a good product so much to use it with maximum performance!

    Like big brands like Steelseries, Razer, Corsair and Company, this little Motospeed V30 doesn't have to be ashamed. It has 2 pads under the trunk so that the mouse cannot slide when a liquid enters the mouse. There is no risk of electric shock and it resists heat! What to travel around the world by your side and in all kinds of imaginable situations. If you add this USB to USB connection, you will be surprised!

    With its ergonomic design and high quality comfort, the Motospeed V30 mouse will not interfere with your wrists. There is a tendency to believe that cheap products are not worth it. However, if we compare this mouse with others who ask for a price higher than 40 euros, we see that the Motospeed brand has demonstrated its excellence throughout the Asian continent. And as that was not enough, here you have the opportunity to configure the colors that will illuminate your beauty from all sides, according to your wishes!

    This mouse is currently available at the bzfuture store for less than $40.

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