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  • Motospeed V30 Gaming Mouse - Best Cost x Benefit?
    Time: Dec. 6, 2019

    Motospeed already appeared in the Net Workshop during our review of the CK108, a branded keyboard that can be considered one of the best mechanical input keyboards in the global market. The brand belongs to a group called Mototech Technology, which has been working with peripherals since 2001 and mainly manufactures mice for brands such as Dazz.

    Since Motospeed has one of the best cost/benefit ratios in the world, it has gained incredible momentum in Brazil. After all, the amount of branded products that we recommend in the high-end device group is very important, which makes the problem almost similar.

    One of the group's key recommendations is the Motospeed V30, a proven quality mouse that can be purchased to international online stores bzfuture for the incredible amount of $38.72.

    The Motospeed V30 base is made of plain plastic. The sides that hold the handle are made of a different plastic material, with a texture stamped on the leather and improving the grip of the fingers. The upper case and buttons are made of matt plastic. basically all the rest of the mouse. To facilitate the lighting of the products, translucent plastic is made up of its details and scrolls during acrylic.

    The mouse has a universal plug, which means it has a palm, a claw or a finger, either left or right handed. You can use the mouse without ergonomic problems. The only problem someone might have with the mouse in this regard is that their hand is too big and their grip is heavy. However, it would still be possible to use the V30. The macro buttons are well located so that the fingers of the left hand or right hand are not likely to accidentally click on them.

    In general, the material of the V30 is good. However, the opaque plastic of the mouse in which it holds the fingers is visibly dirty and leaves fingerprints in a few hours.

    The Motospeed gaming mouse is an excellent software to use, it is very easy to use and very intuitive. Everything is well organized. The only problem is that you always have to click on the "Apply" button for any modification made at work, which is quite painful.

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