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  • My quest for all pink gaming gear has just begun!
    Time: Aug. 7, 2020

    I love PC games. I love the color pink. I've tried for years to get these two loves together for a threesome on the desk. Razer's quartz line made it possible.


    The color pink is soft and cheerful, sparkling and welcoming. It's happy, and that's how I want to feel when I sit for a 10-12 hour day writing, playing games, and snacking. Last year I bought a relatively inexpensive pink desktop case. It felt good. In 2017, I built several pink mechanical keyboards. It also felt good. Razer's quartz line is nice too and the headphones have cat ears. This is particularly good.



    The quartz line is pretty much the same as the Bronze and White (Mercury) sets released earlier this year, only in a much better color scheme.


    We have the Razer PinkWidow Tournament Edition Chroma, a keyless card with proprietary Razer switches. It is very nice, but I have to adjust the RGB lighting, maybe red. Pink doesn't need a wavy rainbow.


    BlackWidow comes with a removable palm rest in a beautiful light gray that complements the pink very well.


    The Razer Lancehead Tournament Edition is ambidextrous and looks great in both hands. Again, we have the light gray accents, a constant throughout the quartz line.



    Note that the tip of the spear sits atop the quartz version of the Razer Invictus mouse surface, a pink aluminum plate with a light gray mat. The Invictus is the only mouse surface that I know of that is in a plastic container that is hidden in a pocket.


    Lastly, we have the optional Kraken Pro V2 Cat Ear Headphones.


    With the case of my PC, I am almost completely hidden. All I have to do is paint the frame of my monitor, cover my gaming chair, and maybe paper the entire desk.


    The quartz line is available on the Razer website. The other gaming chair pink we suggest can be found at


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