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  • New feature for Kaspersky Internet Security
    Time: Jul. 17, 2019

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android announces a new feature called Cloud ML for Android for Malware.

    According to Kaspersky, this new feature based on the automatic learning technology allows the proactive detection of advanced and previously unknown malware to reduce the risk of exposure of mobile devices to cyber attacks. To do this, malicious applications that may have been downloaded to a mobile device are detected before they are operational.

    In recent years, mobile threats have grown at a rate that current protection systems can not maintain. Cybercriminals are increasingly creative. They convert malware to make it more difficult to recognize. With the rapid spread of new types of malware, problems can arise if security solutions are not updated at the speed they can detect.

    Kaspersky Internet Security for Android has been updated with a new technology called Cloud ML for Android, which is the first step in the fight against new unknown threats. This technology allows the product to react more quickly to unknown threats and minimize the number of false positives.

    This new technology uses machine learning algorithms that train millions of malware cases through the cloud when a user downloads an application to their mobile device. The applied approach analyzes thousands of different application configurations, including the necessary privileges and entry points, in less than a second and immediately leaves an accurate impression. Even if the application is a modified or unprecedented type of malware, Cloud ML for Android can detect that the software is malicious using the typical settings that correspond to known threats.

    This new technology not only benefits from machine learning algorithms, but also from Kaspersky's highly complex cloud-based infrastructure, Kaspersky Security Network, which manages anonymous cyber threats targeting the metadata flows of millions of willing users. in the world.

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