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  • New update from AOMEI Backupper Pro
    Time: Dec. 31, 2019

    There is another update of AOMEI Backupper Pro to version 5.5.

    The changes are as follows:
    * After inserting the USB device, you can set the duration of the USB event task execution.
    * The GPT hard drive with more than 3 partitions can be cloned or restored on the MBR hard drive.
    * The image can be found by double clicking on the image file.
    * After recovering the hard drive or partition, the incremental / differential / full backup may continue depending on the original task.
    * Problem solved: Partitions without drive letters were assigned drive letters after restoring the hard drive.
    * Problem solved: "insufficient disk space" error when restoring / cloning a hard disk to another hard disk of the same size.
    * Problem solved: the error "The partition size cannot be changed" when restoring / cloning the hard drive.
    * Problem solved: "Insufficient disk space" error when restoring to a smaller hard disk than the source hard disk.

    * Problem solved: partition search without drive letters in backup image failed.

    AOMEI Backupper Professional 5.5 already offers the free standard version, which we already present to you during a brief test. AOMEI is now expanding its commitment to the "Always keep global data safe" mission.

    It doesn't matter what program you use to make a backup or a backup of the data. The bottom line is that you do it. Because restoring a backup is much easier and faster than a new installation, including configurations and program installations.

    * System backup and restore are faster.
    * It is possible to create a system clone.
    * The backup can be copied to different computers. Does not matter.
    * either with identical or different material.
    * Images can be combined or divided into smaller sizes.
    * PXE boot tool for networks.
    * Scheduled backups are possible.
    * Partitions can be adjusted by cloning on the destination hard drive.
    * Real-time synchronization of files and folders.
    * Dynamic disks can be saved.
    * Files with NTFS permissions can be restored.

    * Old-school CD / DVD backup.

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