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  • New Windows 10 Update: Microsoft canceled the Skip Ahead ring
    Time: Nov. 7, 2019

    Prior to the next version of Windows Update on November 10, 2019, Microsoft has shuffled its preview rings and will now no longer offer Skip Ahead.

    Microsoft has previously proposed Quick Ring, Slow Ring, Jump Ring and Preview Ring.

    Skip Ahead was limited to a limited number of users who chose this part of the Windows 10 Preview program. It was intended for fans who wanted the first versions of microsoft windows 10 pro oem cd key from the Microsoft developer branch.

    With the release of Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 19018 of the 20H1 branch for Windows Insiders in the speed dial tune on Tuesday, Microsoft will take Skip Ahead users to the quick call.

    The forward jump ring closure follows a plan announced in April, just before the May 2019 update, to consolidate the jump and fast ring testers into a single group to test Windows 10 20H1.

    This meant that users were unaware of the 19H2 industry snapshots or the November 2019 update and changed directly to 20H1.

    By the time Microsoft announced this change, it had also announced major changes in the way in which Windows 10 feature updates would be introduced in the future, which would allow users to better control when to install a new feature. function update.

    This was part of the response to the October 2018 update or the 1809 update that deleted some user files. This stopped Microsoft's implementation for five weeks, and Windows 10 Home Edition users have no control over the installation of feature updates.

    With the May 2019 update, Microsoft has changed to a model in which H2 updates scheduled for October or November are smaller and will be available as cumulative updates for users of the latest version of Windows 10 Meanwhile, there are more updates H1 large available for the month of March.

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