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  • Practical review: MiniTool Power Data Recovery
    Time: Aug. 8, 2019

    Data loss is a crisis we all face at some point. Whether you accidentally delete your precious wedding photos or have a power outage just before saving this important file the next morning, your stress levels could increase rapidly. MiniTool offers a variety of options for Windows users, ranging from a free option to licenses for multiple users.

    I was curious to see what other users of the MiniTool Powr data recovery software think, and it is not surprising that the reviews on the MiniTool website have been positive. Independent reviews have shown that there are many data recovery tools, and I can only add that doing your homework with the right tool can save you a lot of pain.

    After reading that you really don't want to register the application on the drive you want to scan, I downloaded MiniTool on a USB flash drive.

    With a variety of plans for home users and large companies, MiniTool seems to be doing exactly what it promises.

    When exploring the world of data recovery, I found a little advice. Once you feel you have lost a file, stop using your computer. The longer you keep using it, the less likely your file will be recovered.

    You will find that the Internet is plagued with a variety of products that promise everything. Some come with USB sticks, others are just to recover from a corrupt operating system. Be sure to do your homework again.

    Don't expect a quick fix, no matter what recovery tool you choose. Data recovery requires a deep pit. Remember that data recovery is usually the last resort to recover something you have lost. Make sure you have a robust system to periodically backup your files. We hope that your MiniTool USB device remains in your secure data storage area.

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