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  • Razer Huntsman Mini: A tiny but efficient minimalist keyboard
    Time: Aug. 14, 2020

    Those who want a fair gaming keyboard but only want 60% of the space will want to check out Razer's new Huntsman Mini.


    Razer appears to be on a mini-kick in 2020. Two mini gaming mice, DeathAdder V2 Mini and Viper Mini, were recently announced as a nod to travelers and those with smaller hands but who want a nimble and thoughtful gaming experience.


    The Razer Huntsman Mini continues that tradition, offering a 60% design that is the same as the popular Ducky One 2 Mini RGB, but with the legacy of the Huntsman Tournament Edition. The new small keyboard uses Razer's popular linear optical switches, as well as Doubleshot's PBT keys.


    Razer Huntsman Mini what is it?


    Sixty percent of keyboards get their name from the obvious - they're 60% of a full-size keyboard, making them smaller even than the TKL models. This configuration can be achieved by removing the dedicated function keys, navigation keys, and numeric keypad, which often return these capabilities to the secondary function keys.


    There are now 60% keyboards on the market, including those from Ducky, Cooler Master, Anne, MOTOSPEED Gaming Keyboards, and others.


    Razer Huntsman Mini how is it?


    There is no learning curve to using a mini keyboard, as the basic function is the same as a full-size keyboard without the extras. Compared to a typical TKL, the most important adjustment for me was getting used to not having dedicated arrow keys.


    To make up for all the functionality that all those extra keys have on a regular keyboard, the Razer doubles up when it has two roles on many secondary keys, including the main QWERTY and GHJKL keys. Accessing them is always a question - you have to hold down the FN key while pressing W to increase the volume. However, it works and is more accessible than the mouse over the volume control in Windows.


    Razer has done a great job of reducing the volume of its second-generation Razer Linear Optical Switches, which now feature silicone mufflers to reduce floor noise.


    Razer also offers dual-shot polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) keys that allow you to swap different colors, including quartz, white, green, or black. Made from a two-layer plastic injection mold, the buttons not only look great, they won't fade or fade after years of use. Razer also offers the finest possible font on a PBT Doubleshot key using "custom manufacturing methods".


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