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  • Review : AOMEI Partitions Assistant Professional Editions!
    Time: Jun. 24, 2019

    Windows 10 has been equipped with its own partition software, let's call it Disk Management, but based on my tutorial about there are times when Disk Management is still less powerful, and this time I'll review one partition software AOMEI Partitions Assistant Professional Editions.

    Just like other Partition applications, almost all have the same function, for example Migrate OS from HDD to SSD, Convert MBR to GPT, Backup Partitions, Resize Partitions, Rebuild MBR, Rename Partition Labels, Make Bootable Media, Recovery Partitions, And Other things like that.

    However, one of the features that I like most is that the Dynamic Disk Converter feature, which is not even owned by EASEUS Partition Master, which was also given the article giveaway, the function of Dynamic Disk Converter itself is to convert Dynamic disk types to basic, because as is known , that the Type of Dynamic Disk cannot be installed by the Operating System.

    Besides that sometimes, if we make more than 4 partitions on one disk, the automatic type will be Dynamic, which of course is a little inconvenient if we want to do dual booting, or reunite partitions. Of course using this AOMEI Partitions Assistant, changing and correcting problems related to Disk Type is even simpler.

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