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  • Review of Norton Deluxe
    Time: Apr. 22, 2020

    Norton Antivirus, developed and distributed by Symantec in 1991, is a serious competitor to the Security Suite game. The product has a 25-year history and is definitely a success in terms of design and ease of use! Symantec has focused not only on the private sector, but has also developed a "small business" solution that enables central administration from the cloud. As one of the best-known brands in the antivirus industry, software problems in any of the released versions can mean large amounts of media glue. However, this is not all bad news. Norton has more awards for PC magazine publishers than any other security company.


    Features vary depending on the suite you choose. All suites are equipped with basic protection against viruses, spyware, malware and online threats. Even if you choose the cheapest and most basic version, you will still be covered in the basics. If you think standard protection isn't enough, the next solution won't do much else: For an additional $ 10 a year, you'll get smartphone protection, access to an online web portal, and protection for up to 4 other devices.


    As mentioned above, Norton has 25 years of experience, so you can expect a reliable, stable, high-quality product. However, some reports say otherwise. Norton is known to recognize completely benevolent software as malicious, rendering it unusable. It is not always better to play carefully, especially in this case.


    Norton has an excellent support section on its website. Are you going to need help? Menu in the navigation bar showing categorical support, from download / installation help to threat removal. However, if you don't have time to search your request on the website, you can search the entire support website. If you don't mind or just want to get in touch with someone who can give you a clear answer, please scroll to the bottom of the page where you can find technical support. Live chat is the most popular option - minimal wait time and you don't have to get up from your seat! The boring thing is that you have to fill out an unnecessarily long form if you want to pick up the phone to call someone. However, accessing the Norton contact number is more difficult than expected.


    Priced at $3.35 for the standard package, which protects a single device and offers only the simplest features, it's far from the cheapest product on the market. Fortunately, they offer a luxury suite that greatly improves profitability. Deluxe package costs $49.99, but you get five times more protection! By this we mean that it can cover up to 5 devices, including Windows, Mac, smartphones and tablets (Android or iOS). This amounts to just under $10 per device, which seems very reasonable to us.


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