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  • Review of Panda Security
    Time: May. 8, 2020

    Panda Security, a Spanish security company founded in 1990, is a fairly secretive company in the cyber world. It is not the most popular, but still competes with McAfee, Avira, ESET, etc. The software was developed with a culturally diverse mindset that supports more than 23 languages. In 2012, Panda Security was the first anti-malware company to introduce cloud management and remote monitoring solutions.


    Panda's flagship product, Full Protection, has the standard features you'd expect from a suite of antivirus. However, we believe that Panda moved the pot a bit. It offers features that allow you to "buy and pay online without risk". "Protect your kids from dangerous places" and even add a device optimizer. Bonus features like these should definitely be considered when comparing suites, as preventing malware attacks can be much more useful than stopping them once they're on your PC.


    Panda Security currently has more than 47 awards. Although not all are related to the quality or performance of the software, they all contribute to the reputation of the company. Its latest award, given in 2015, shows its free software and is the best of 2015 according to PCMAG. If the company can create a fantastic free solution, they have great confidence in creating a better-paying, more feature-rich version! The user interface is elegant, simple and controls the number of functions very well. Great panda job!


    As soon as you reach the Panda support page, the standard and premium support phone numbers are displayed. Many security companies do not. Then contact Panda! However, these numbers only apply to certain users, depending on their subscription. When you run Gold Protection, you have access to premium support features that provide remote support and chat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are truly impressed with the remote assistance feature that allows Support Person to access your computer (with your permission, of course) to make changes to your system. No live chat is a bit stupid, but social media support is something of the day and they use it well!


    Panda offers 3 levels of protection: basic, advanced, full, all of which are offered with different rates and functions. If you choose the most expensive "full" plan, you can start protection for free by choosing the monthly plan. This can be canceled at any time so that you can technically use Panda for absolutely one month for absolutely nothing and you no longer have to pay, as long as you remember to cancel before the billing date. If you choose the product and do not cancel it, you will be charged the full monthly fee of $5.99 indefinitely. For a full package of Windows, Mac and Android compatible with many features, we think the price is right. However, there are cheaper options, either $30.70/year or $38.49/year with reduced protection. However, if you are an average user who does not need protection "from above", this could be ideal. It is one of the cheapest on the market and offers proven, high-quality protection.


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