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  • Review of the Panda Dome Essential
    Time: May. 14, 2019

    Panda Dome Essential is easy to use, but experts will appreciate the advanced features of the system tests. However, the results of laboratory tests below the average suggest that there is more reliable protection elsewhere.

    With URL filtering, a simple firewall to block network attacks and even free access to VPN, Panda Dome Essential goes far beyond the basics of real-time virus protection. Okay, without the location of your choice and with a free data volume of 150 MB per day, you will not use it to stream movies or torrents, but to send emails. to public Wi-Fi hotspots while on the road.

    Panda has always claimed to be one of the lightest antivirus applications. So we were interested in seeing how he behaved. Essential Dome has added a little more basic background processing to our test system, but it usually consumes at least 20 to 50 MB of RAM when using a PC.

    Panda Dome Essential has an attractive interface that replaces the usual dark gray background with a nice wallpaper. You can switch from one to several other images or even let it pass through the program. This is not something we would normally look for in an antivirus application, but there is no doubt that it adds a lot of visual appeal.

    However, this approach raises some practical problems. The user interface leaves a lot of space in the upper part of the window for the image to be displayed. For this reason, there is only space for a row with five buttons at the bottom of the screen. Below, there are two other rows of buttons. However, you will have to scroll to see it. Fortunately, the most important functions are in the top row, which may not slow you down much.

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