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  • Sandbox makes your operating system more secure
    Time: Jul. 31, 2019

    With rumors about Windows 10 Home Ultra, there is still no version of Windows designed specifically for PC enthusiasts. The introduction of Windows Sandbox suggests that Windows 10 Pro could finally be launched.

    Windows 10 Pro has already closed the gap between Windows 10 Enterprise and Windows 10 Home, but it offers features that IT administrators enjoy much more than home users. One of the only reasons why a PC user wants to buy Windows 10 Pro is the flexibility to customize Windows 10 security features and updates.

    As our Windows Sandbox tutorial shows, using Sandbox allows you to remove part of your PC's operating system environment to test applications and websites without worrying about malware. Crucially, the Windows 10 Windows Device Application Guard sandbox and browser depend on virtualization, a technology only available in Windows 10 Pro and not in the Home version.

    Windows Sandbox is the most compelling argument for fans to buy Windows 10 Pro. As noted in our Windows Sandbox tutorial, this feature creates a broken and fast Windows desktop, which resides in an on-screen application window. Inside contains a different and immaculate copy of Windows, completely isolated from the rest of your PC, where you can do what you want: search for possible malware, visit a risky website, etc.

    Do not worry if you arrive at a website that activates browser alerts or if your screen is flooded with unwanted ads: close the application and everything will disappear. Therefore, it is extremely easy to avoid simple piracy attempts and low-level scammers.

    Sandbox and its predecessor, Windows Device Application Guard, are based on virtualization. In the case of Windows Device Application Guard, a version of Edge is removed from the main operating system. The sandbox protects a complete operating system in a virtual environment.

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