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    Time: Mar. 17, 2020

    If you have ever dreamed of owning a smart home, this is probably the time when it can easily become a reality without breaking the bank.



    The SONOFF Mini is a small, compact DIY smart switch that is used for different types of switch boxes (even the smallest switch boxes according to EU standards). Make it easy to automate your appliances with the eWeLink app via your smartphone, tablet, or voice commands.


    You can use it to connect an external light switch or other plugs in the house. It supports DIY mode, which allows users to integrate MINI into a third party open source smart home control system to realize LAN control without cloud services like Home Assistant, openHAB, ioBroker, etc.



    * Control your appliances with the app.
    * Ask devices to enable and disable them only by voice command.
    * Set a time when devices should automatically start or stop.
    * Allow developers to update firmware to access other desired functions.
    * Supports rocker switch to control devices.
    * Create smart scenes to enable and disable groups of SONOFF devices by pressing on your phone.
    * Take one action to activate another or receive a notification on your phone.
    * Share the device with your family to control it together.
    * Check the device status change on your phone in real time.
    * Run the device on your phone even if there is no normal WiFi connection.
    * Keep the device in the state before power failure when power is restored.


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