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  • What can we do when Excel stops responding?
    Time: Sep. 5, 2019

    Some users may be bothered by the problem that Excel stops responding, please don't worry too much. The following solution can get rid of this issue effectively.

    Some users say that when they open Microsoft Excel, they only see a window that indicates that Microsoft Excel does not respond or that Microsoft Excel no longer works.

    Sometimes this problem causes data loss. To save lost files, users can use the professional data recovery software: MiniTool Power Data Recovery.

    This software has a trial version that allows users to first verify that the files to be recovered have been found. If this is the case, you can upgrade to a full version to recover lost Excel files without any restrictions.

    In fact, there are many ways to solve the problem that Excel does not answer. Here are simple and effective solutions and we look forward to helping you.

    * Solution 1: use safe mode

    Opening Excel in safe mode will allow the file to run without any specific boot program. This allows users to verify that the Excel file works normally in safe mode.

    When Excel runs normally in safe mode, users will find information about troubleshooting startup problems in Excel so that Excel stops responding.

    * Solution 2: update Microsoft Office

    If the installed users of Microsoft Office are not up to date, the Excel crash problem may also occur. This allows users to easily buy microsoft office for pc.

    * Solution 3: check if Excel is being used by another process

    If the Excel file used by users is also used by another process, Excel may stop responding.

    This allows users to verify if another process is using the Excel target file. If this is the case, close this process.

    * Solution 4: disable add-ons

    Add-ons are often used to improve the user experience. However, conflicting add-ons may cause Excel not to respond. As a result, users can first disable all add-ons and then enable them one by one to determine the exact add-in that caused the Excel crash problem.

    * Solution 5: verify the contents of the Excel file

    If Microsoft Excel stops responding or if Microsoft Excel stops working, the problem only occurs with the specific Excel file. Users can search for unsupported content in the file.

    * Other situations

    If the Excel file was created by a third party, users can also see that the Microsoft Excel error message does not respond. In this situation, users can seek help from a third party.

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