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  • What can you get in MiniTool Power Data Recovery?
    Time: Aug. 15, 2019

    Every update of each type of software can bring a new experience to users, so what new features can users get in MiniTool Power Data Recovery?

    The MiniTool team has researched and developed MiniTool Power Data Recovery for years to improve data recovery performance and help more users reduce losses caused by lack of data.

    With this MiniTool data recovery software, users can restore lost and deleted data from various types of data storage devices, such as internal hard drives, external hard drives, USB sticks, memory cards, SD cards, CD/DVD, etc.

    1. Support for multiple languages

    Unlike the previous version, the MiniTool Power Data Recovery update edition is compatible with several languages, including English, German and Japanese.

    During the installation process, users can select the installation language accordingly. Even after entering the software interface, users can select the language of their choice.

    2. Enhanced data recovery engine

    Users may find that the scan speed is the fastest in history. This benefit comes into play when it is necessary to digitize large amounts of data. This can save users a lot of time.

    3. Added function "Show lost files"

    This time, MiniTool has added a new feature to this software: Show lost files. It can also help users easily find the files they need. For users who want to recover lost files, this design is easier to use and convenient.

    4. Better result of data recovery

    MiniTool combines user feedback when using the software and corrects some errors.

    In short, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is still one of the best data recovery software, it will become more and more powerful.

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