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  • What does Avast look like?
    Time: Apr. 14, 2020

    The use of mobile phones in India has increased exponentially in recent years, the main reason being the more accessible internet. Today, the Internet is used in almost all the remote regions of our country.


    While people in India use their skills, most of them are also aware of the risks involved. With the increase in digitization, the risk of possible malware attacks and security breaches on the Internet has increased. Avast is one of the names that appears frequently in terms of protection against attacks and device security.


    The Indian market has always been a market focused on mobile devices, where most users access the Internet from their mobile phones. Avast has more than 19 million active PC and mobile device users. Protecting these people has always been Avast's priority.



    Avast's business accelerated in the early 2000s when a freemium strategy was launched that spurred the growth of consumer users. Avast also offers solutions for small and medium businesses. In the early years, Avast focused primarily on PC security, then expanded to Android and iOS security.


    Avast uses a wide range of technologies because its products work on different platforms. Windows and Mac applications are mainly written in C ++ because their products like Avast Antivirus, SecureLine VPN or CleanUP require easy access to operating systems.


    JavaScript is also used for Windows because you can create a nice and friendly user interface. The back-end system presents JVM as the main platform that Java and Scala uses to serve more than 400 million users.


    In addition to the flagship antivirus for desktops and mobile phones, other Avast products offer users data protection solutions through SecureLine VPN for an encrypted connection, AntiTrack for masking fingerprints, a secure browser for more secure Internet browsing. and fast, or passwords to manage passwords and credit card details.


    They also offer products that improve device performance, such as CleanUp, Battery Saver, and Driver Updater.


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