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  • What should we do when our antivirus software stops working?
    Time: Sep. 18, 2019

    Once antivirus protection is installed on all your computers, you should be well protected against malware attacks. However, the software is not perfect and security software is no exception.

    There are several scenarios in which a virus, a Trojan horse or other malware can infiltrate a computer that is generally protected by an antivirus program. If this happens to you, don't panic! Keep a cool head and follow the suggestions below to recover from the attack.

    Restore after a malware attack

    Even if your antivirus program is fully updated and functional, a new type of malware may happen. If the antivirus does not detect the threat of malware behavior or signature, you must contact the SWAT team.

    Most antivirus providers offer a spare ISO file that you can burn to a CD or DVD or install on a USB drive. Booting from the hot spare will launch a separate operating system, usually based on Linux with an integrated antivirus program. If the malware escapes from your antivirus program because it surpasses Windows, the hot spare can really help you. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus makes cleaning even easier by enabling Rescue mode to boot without requiring a hard drive.

    Get a new best antivirus software

    If the malware was successful, even if it is completely updated, it just did a job and failed. All security products are not identical. Independent antivirus laboratories distribute a variety of test results, from perfect to worse. We have tested dozens of antivirus. So, if you are thinking about making a change, bzfuture offers you a wide variety choice. Here you can buy the cheap and best antivirus with the best price.

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