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  • Which Bitdefender Is Good For You?
    Time: Jun. 10, 2019

    Bitdefender antivirus products are among our best classifieds. However, with a wide variety of versions, it is not easy to know which Bitdefender antivirus product is right for you.

    Whether it's the free version of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus, the Bitdefender Family Pack, and the MacOS, Android and even iOS software, the company offers solutions for the majority of customers.

    Bitdefender's free antivirus solution is very simple, but it offers protection against first-class malware. The installation can be a little complicated and will not allow you to schedule any analysis. It also does not offer the benefits of Bitdefender payment products.

    There is also Bitdefender Central, a website that allows you to scan and remotely manage all systems running Bitdefender products, as well as a hidden partition that starts your computer with Linux to fully prepare your Windows installation.

    Bitdefender Internet Security offers everything you get with Bitdefender Antivirus Plus and more. This is a great option for parents because parental control can block inappropriate web pages and restrict the use of games, chat clients and file sharing programs.

    Bitdefender Total Security also adds a system optimizer. Like Password Manager or File Shredder, you can obtain this software as stand-alone software, but it is useful if you have your tools in a single package.

    If you want to buy Bitdefender antivirus products, you can visit our bzfuture online store.

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