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    Time: Nov. 14, 2019

    Everything here, drones, helmets, controllers, routers matched everything I wanted. This time, there is a mechanical keyboard on the palette, just like the Motospeed Inflictor CK104 keyboard.

    Let's start with how we can customize it, with its easy-to-program advanced lighting settings and control buttons, to create a perfect feeling enhanced by the way you choose to adjust the lighting.

    The question is, why is this the best? The answer is:

    - Wonderful background colors

    It has 9 different light effects that can be changed simultaneously by pressing the FN + INS keys. The Motospeed CK104 also has RGB lighting parameters that meet all requirements. The backlight can be adjusted to a variety of game themes through our own settings using the included software in predefined modes that enhance the gaming experience.

    - The first option of the player

    With 104 keys, a built-in gaming chip, advanced mechanical printing technology and the subtle sound created at the press of a key, you can feel the feel of such a keyboard. And, of course, for our money, we get a technically perfect quality, thanks to the full anti-phantom function and a response time of 3 ms, a perfect experience for the players.

    - Designed for longevity

    Each button is prepared for tougher conditions, the keystrokes are much less abrasive and the colors do not fade over time. With almost 50 million prints without wear!

    - Careful planning

    In addition, the most used multimedia buttons have been replaced. FN key combinations simplify more complex operations and the four non-slip keys make our keyboard much more stable.

    If you need a new keyboard, we can only recommend the Motospeed Inflictor CK104! Also, you can get it now from BZFuture.

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