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  • Why should we still want to buy a paid antivirus software?
    Time: Sep. 25, 2019

    Although free antivirus software is available on the market, but cheap and best paid antivirus software is still the first choice for some buyers.

    If you still want a paid antivirus and malware protection solution, it is because you want to combine more services in a single package. Large companies go beyond traditional protection by providing related services such as VPN, monitoring and credit protection, as well as online safes for their passwords and other important documents.

    While some attackers just want to block your system, keep in mind that attacks such as ransomware that encrypt your PC and then ask you to pay for the decryption key bring more money. Malwarebytes and Bitdefender have developed free anti-ransomware solutions, which are a free alternative.

    Windows has its own free protection that can be used to stop ransomware software, including Windows Defender and protected folders that can be locked and backed up. Nothing is perfect, and nobody can say with certainty that a new attack does not break Windows protection. However, this argument also applies to paid services.

    Subscribe to LifeLock or a credit monitoring service. Google Chrome and other browsers manage your passwords, or you can choose from a list of the best password managers. The range of paid antimalware suites includes proven services, all in a manageable and manageable package, and you can be sure.

    However, this convenience comes with a price that appears in your bag every year as part of a recurring subscription. If you want to continue paying for this type of service, that's fine. However, if you are looking for a way to save money, it is worth canceling your already paid antivirus subscription for Windows Defender.

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