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EYOOSO Z11 61 Keys Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard with Solid Backlit Two-Color Keycaps

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dzordzi devito
Sep. 18, 2022

I would recommend this keyboard to anyone who wants to get into the hobby of mechanical keyboards. Not because the factory swtiches are great but because you can upgrade the switches without desoldering them. To be honest the stock doesn't really sound like a 100 dollar keyboard but for this amount of money it is literally incredible. If you can take time, after modding it with some foam i had from packaging, tape on the pcb, and lube the outemu switches it sounds amazing. The rgb is like you have never seen, bright (not in the daylight, but what's the point of light when you have natural one), and there is a lot of modes and you can customize to color you prefer. I even got a free laser pointer for presentations! Not the usual stupid ones, but you connect it to pc and go back, forward, sound control and so on... The feeling of the remote is fantastic, the finish and size are ideal. But don't worry if you don't get yours, not all of us really do presentations often, if ever. All in all incredible deal for money!

Jun. 23, 2022

Grandson really loves this. Ez for smaller hands to maneuver .

Product Description

E-YOOSO is a sub-brand of REDRAGON

High quality LED backlit mechanical gaming keyboard
61 key ,detachable cable , portable for travel
N-Key rollover
High-precision machinery manufacture
Double iniection keycaps
WIN keys can be disable in gaming
OS support
Windows XP /Vista/Win7/Win8/Win10
Slim Fresh : E-YOOSO new 60% layout wired keyboard in a refreshing style with a no-brainer deal economic offer. Compact 61 keys with selected keycaps, dedicated for FPS Gamers and efficient working.
Hot-Swappable Red Switches: Most quiet mechanical switch, linear and soft key travel makes every click easy to register. Hot-swappable with other E-YOOSO switches. Made to last with switches rated for 50 million keypresses.
Dedicated for FPS Gamer: Place the keyboard proper straight on your desktop and no more crooked way for mouse space saving, your mouse will never hit the keyboard any more. Enjoy waving the mouse without any worries


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