AutoFull Pink Bunny PU Leather Best Girls Gaming Chair Rabbit Ears Style Computer Chair, E-Sports Swivel Chair, AF055PUW

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May. 20, 2022

Absolutely love this chair!! I got the cute floor mat with mine and it's lush! Such a cute detail!

May. 18, 2022

I love this chair. I was worried about getting this chair due to some reviews talking about it being squeaky which after building it mine did make a noise. after re reading the guide i noticed that it tells you to put the base on backwards LOL i swaped it over and the noise was gone . overall the chair looks and feels great and is comfortable for long gaming sessions. my chair came with the ears and tail and a rug which was bigger then i thoughtit would be and is really easy clean in the washing machine any marks on the chair come off with a leather cleaning wipe.

May. 17, 2022

This is very good for its price. very easy to install, the leather is soft and the cushions are very comfortable. the headrest and a lower back pillow which are also very comfortable. The headrest is very soft and puffy with a strap to clip onto the top of the backrest, and the lower back pillow is a firm foam pillow with a leather casing that matches the rest of the chair’s color. The backrest is very wide and the angle can be adjusted freely. The seat is wide enough to sit cross legged on without any discomfort. The armrests have some padding on the top and can be adjusted vertically, side to side, forward to backwards, and rotated. The height is adjustable and the wheels roll smoothly and quietly on a hardwood floor.

May. 15, 2022

This chair has a gorgeous design, and it's very sturdy. I will also add that this company has the best customer service ever.

May. 13, 2022

I bought this chair a couple months ago now and it’s been holding up pretty well so far to say I practically live at my desk 24/7. It is very pricey for a chair but seems to be fairly average price compared to other gaming chairs. My main concern when buying the chair was if it would have good back support as I get very bad back pains, and so far it’s actually helped a lot. It has a back pillow and head pillow which provide good support as well as a reclining feature. I find it quite finicky to recline it. After using it practically all day, every day for the last couple of months it has held up pretty well. The chair itself feels sturdy and good quality material. The ears and bunny tail are absolutely adorable, I’m always getting asked about the ears! It was fairly basic to assemble, it took 2 of us to complete.

May. 11, 2022

This chair is super cute! It matches my desk and looks really pretty. I've had it for a little less than a year, and it's pretty comfortable, but I have to sit on a pillow as I'm a little thicker in the thighs.

May. 9, 2022

I am SOOOOO IN LOVEEEEE with this chair!! I had NO IDEA how awesome they looked and based on the reviews, how comfy?! PLUS-----in TOTALY HONESTLY...this is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE COLOR PINK!!! When this chair arrived----- I WAS SOOO HAPPY! BUT EVEN SUPER HAPPY when I opened the box and the PINK IS GORG, cheeeeeery and SOOOO FUN LOOKING!!! It makes me happy just looking at it! Also- the directions----SUPER EAZEEEEEEEE!!! It arrived at 3pm. I poured a glass of wine (LOL) and put it together right away!!! It basically took 3 glasses of wine (filled to the tippy top!) and about 35-40minutes. I tooook my time putting it together because I didn't want to mess anything know, vino and all. Anyway---- DEF RECOMMEND!! I am NOT a Gamer! But I am actually a GAMER at LIFE! I'm a life Coach! Every day I walk into my home office-----> IT MAKES ME SUPER HAPPY! XOXO!!

May. 8, 2022

Was easy to assemble on my own in ~30 minutes. As far as actual support goes this is the coziest chair I've ever owned. I've fallen asleep in it leaned back once by mistake.

May. 6, 2022

it's fantastic. A bit firm. The support on the sides of the seat are wonderful, the arms are covered in a soft alcantara fabric, and the bunny ears and tail are great touches. My wife loves it more than any other desk/gaming chair she's had. Would definitely buy again.

May. 4, 2022

Super cute! I love the pink and white color and the bunny ears and tail. it’s a really cute, comfortable, sturdy chair. Reclines great with no problems tipping, goes up and down smoothly (only push down on the lever, don’t pull up), and comes with a cute rug. I use it for gaming and working on the computer.

Apr. 17, 2022

Beautiful and comfortable chair! We didn't need power tools to install and build it. Super cute! a very nice chair I'll be using it for study and gaming!

Apr. 5, 2022

Absolutely love it!! Easy to assemble, comfortable, and cute!

Mar. 29, 2022

Fully adjustable chair with all manner of accessories for comfort: neck pillow, lumbar pillow, armrest covers. Came with gloves and tools for assembly. Sturdy construction stands up to hours of gaming and computer work while encouraging correct posture. Would definitely buy another. Stylish and kawaii.

Mar. 20, 2022

more comfortable than i thought!

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