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AutoFull Gaming Chair Pure Black PU Leather Footrest Racing Style Computer Chair, Headrest E-Sports Swivel Chair, AF083DPJA

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Jul. 21, 2022

This chair is awesome, seriously conforms to my body, and supports my back and arm positions. Was pretty easy to assemble. This is my office chair I'm not a gamer nor do I lie down in the chair but if I wanted to ever take a nap in this chair I surely could.

Jul. 19, 2022

Very comfortable.

Jul. 14, 2022

This chair is far much better than the one I've had previously. The material is smooth and soft and provides a lot of comfort. The cushion is super soft, it honest feels like a fluffy cloud.Really great chair!

Jul. 12, 2022

Literally the most comfortable chair ever the head rest could be a bit better but other than that I almost fell asleep playing the game in it. It took me about an hour to assemble by myself

Jul. 8, 2022

Great quality chair. Very well built and very comfortable. Highly recommended.

Jul. 3, 2022


Jun. 23, 2022

It is very supportive for good posture. I'm using it at my study table which is 30 1/2 inches above the floor and the seat height for me is perfect. Materials are well made and it took me 30 mins to assemble on my own, very straightforward. It's comfortable, a definite recommend. Worth the money.

Jun. 18, 2022

"First thing, the functionality of the features are all good. Damn near fallen asleep a few times during work w/ the foot rest out and the back leaned way back there. but it doesn't breath very well. So if you're a sweaty person or have an overly warm office then maybe try something else. I still really like it though."

Jun. 14, 2022

"I bought this to replace an older leather office chair that was starting to create problems for my back. The lumbar cushion is awesome and hits all of the right spots. The neck pillow fits right in the nape of my neck and slides enough to continue to do so when I recline. I wasn't sure about the footrest, but I am now a believer and use it every time I start playing my PS5. If you think you may use the foot rest even once, then I highly recommend this chair. The build quality seems solid. I've only been using it a month or so, but so far, so good. For reference, I'm 5'6"" at 180lbs. My shoulders are hugged by the curve or the seat and my hips don't slide around so overall, I cannot imagine any other chair would have been any better of a fit for me."

Jun. 10, 2022

The chair is amazing and child proof, easy to clean, and so comfortable. Bit scary going to a complete 180 in the chair. Comfortable enough to accidentally fall asleep in the chair, done it a few times.

Jun. 2, 2022

I am 6' 3" inches and 235 lbs. Fits me comfortably. The head rest in the upright position slides down and gets caught between my shoulder blades. So I remove it in this position. When I recline I put it back on and it provides neck support. Quite comfortable.

May. 26, 2022

I find it pretty comfortable and unlike other chairs I've had this one has lasted me 2 months now without cracking. The material feels more hydrated/flexible then the other chairs I've had. It has good back support when you are sitting back properly.

May. 20, 2022

its a very nice and comfortable chair.

May. 20, 2022

I was STRESSED looking for a gaming chair for my husband's birthday gift. It seemed like every chair I looked at had extremely mixed reviews. So I finally just gave up and I had my husband pick one out. This ended up being perfect. This chair was easy to assemble, is immensely comfortable, with adjustable height, armrest heights, and the top of the arm rest adjusts in angle as well. The chair spins and leans back. It has a comfortable back support that shapes to the back nicely and a neck rest. It's a fairly large chair. My husband is a lil over 200 lbs and has plenty of space between armrests to recline comfortably. I imagine this chair would be comfortable for heavier set people as well.

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Product Description

About AutoFull

GAMNG CHAIR FOR PRO TEAMS:The company to which AutoFull belongs has decades of experience in ergonomic computer chairs with an independent product development team.It has obtained more than 100 product patent certificates for the past few years, including design patents, utility model patents, accessory patents, etc, which leads this industry in product innovation.



The black gaming chair with footrest and ergonomic design adds stylish accent to your workplace and gamingroom. This computer racing style gaming chair has a cool look and is perfect for gaming and working.

--Nice gaming desk chair

--3.2'' height adjustable

--head pillow and Ergonomic lumbar pillow for free

--2D Adjustable armrest

--4.3'' comfortable seat cushion


--90°-170° reclining&25° rocking

Carbon Fiber

Seat cushion

lumbar support

High quality carbon fabric

The upgraded material is more comfortable and durable, providing you with a better gaming experience.

comfortable seat cushion

11cm Anti-collapse sponge seat cushion.the density is 50% higher than common sponge used on gaming chair on the market.

3D bionic modeling lumbar pillow

It fits the curve of the lumbar spine and gives you a more comprehensive support for your waist.


Recling to 170 degree

2D armrest



Max to 170° recling

Nap extra comfortably with max to 170° backrest recline,AutoFull gaming chair with high backrest can recline to 170° so you can lie down completely strain-free while enjoying all the ergonomic support whenever you’re watching your favorite videos or taking a power nap.

2D armrest

7 cm lift up and down, 45 ° left and right rotation,all is to find your most confortable position for your elbow.

170° recling & 25° rocking

Lean back 90° to 170° and find a suitable angle for a nap.

Stagger and enjoy the good time

Racing casters

Glide smoothly over most surfaces without worry as the XL PU Caster wheels are made to be durable yet floor-friendly.



Gas Lift

Chair Base

PU leather

AutoFull Logo embroidery

The exquisite AutoFull LOGO embroidery adds strength to your game

SGS level 4 Gas Lift

With authorized party mark to trace back manufacture; Higher pure nitrogen; Upgraded thicker gas lift.

Sturdy Nylon Base

Cutting design nylon base, tend to be lower to the ground, maximum weight capacity is 1136kg, the whole chair is suitable for people with less 350lbs.

AutoFull 2.0 PU leather

The inproved material is more durable than regular PU leather while retaining the flexible and smooth feel.

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