AutoFull Gaming Chair Blue PU Leather Racing Style Computer Chair, Lumbar Support E-Sports Swivel Chair, AF077UPU

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May. 23, 2022

I love this chair, I truly do. The chair itself is comfortable, and I sit it in for 10-15 hours a day or more. Could it be more comfortable? Sure of course it could, but for the price it is perfect.

May. 21, 2022

It arrived on time and was relatively easy to assemble. I have had this chair a few months now and I have ZERO complaints. I am an online teacher by day and a gamer at night and I am never uncomfortable. Would recommend to anyone who just needs a comfortable chair for any reason. It also looks fantastic. I get so many compliments on the color scheme.

May. 20, 2022

I absolutely love this chair! The box was really heavy but I was able to get some help taking it into my house. The instructions were printed very small on black paper so it was a little hard to read. I figured it out and was able to put the chair together.

May. 17, 2022

LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS CHAIR! Extremely comfortable for my 9-5 work from homes job. Obviously sitting in one position for extended periods of time result in pain but once you adjust the chair recliner pain is gone, lower back and neck support EXCELLENT. Extremely easy to put together, I’d rather pay a lot for a high quality chair, rather than spend little for a chair ill be replacing in a month. Great chair. Smooth wheels. Excellent support. Awesome quality. Did have strong smell when arrived but went away after about 2 weeks.

May. 14, 2022

I LOVE this chair. It's super comfortable, even after long hours working. The only thing I don't like is the hydrolic lift doesn't go high enough for a standard desk height so I need to get a cushion or something to make typing more comfortable.

May. 12, 2022

We got this for our 18yr , he loves it! He is a gamer! So this chair has been great for his back & neck areas. Kinda expensive but really worth it. I can tell it will last a very long time for our teen

May. 10, 2022

I love this chair! I have been suffering from severe back pain for a while now. I work from home, so I was in desperate need of a better chair that would help relieve this pain. Ordered this after looking around and cannot believe how great this has been. My pain is getting better every day. It was easy to put together and looks great. Just do yourself the favor and get this!

May. 9, 2022

"Got this chair for gaming and working from home. Very comfortable! The arms were a bit of a pain to put on but after finally getting them to work it turned out fine. "

May. 7, 2022

Arrived a week early which was nice! Assembled it myself and it was pretty easy to do. My only complaint is I wish the seat went up higher because I’m tall (5’ 10”) and like to sit up higher but it’s not horrible. Really nice chair and I’m excited to use it for my home office since I work from home now!

May. 6, 2022

se siente increíble,muy comoda y los mayeriales se sienten de muy buena calidad,se las recomiendo

Apr. 20, 2022

I like the chair very much. Easy to set up and the material of the chair looks of good quality. The best part of this chair is I can easily modify the back of this chair so that I can lie on the chair to relax. I feel very comfortable sitting on this chair when working remotely:-) This is my first gaming chair and I feel very satisfied with my experience so far.

Apr. 14, 2022

I really like this chair. It looks great, and feels like sport seats in a BMW. Its thinly padded, and tight fitting, but comfortable and supportive. It feels like its higher quality than its price. They look great and provide the gaming feel the boys like so much. I would recommend these chairs.

Apr. 2, 2022

Very comfortable and goes really well with my set up! I wish it had a foot rest but I am happy with regardless. This chair is definitely made for taller people though but I am 5'1 and it works well for me.

Mar. 25, 2022

This chair is definitely great quality for its price point! It's easy to assemble, comfy, and the pieces are all durable. There are no metal screws going directly into plastic or any of the other hallmarks of cheap design. When you recline the back it feels stable and not like it could fall over. It's also so comfy I could fall asleep in it! I'm 5'9" and the back height is perfect for me, too. I think 5'7" or so I optimal height for the neck pillow but it's close enough I can tug it upwards a bit and feel really cozy. Of course as a big gal towqrds the upper limit for this chair the bucket sides of the seat press against my thighs depending on the position I'm sitting in, but it's not too bad and was anticipated. Overall I love it!

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