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Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse
  • Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse

Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse


EUR 49.99

EUR 39.99 -20%
Product Brand: Dareu
Product Category: Mouses
Type: AIM3337 KB-24 AIM3337 Black AIM3337 White AIM3337 Pink PMW3336 KB-24 PMW3336 Black
Shipping Method: Normal ShippingEUR 5.00
Priority Line ShippingEUR 10.00
Estimated Shipping Time: Processing time:1-3 business days
Shipping time:7-20 business days
Cannot be shipped to: People's Republic of China.
Product Description

Dareu A960 Gaming Mouse 65g Lightweight Mice 16000 DPI [KB24]

65g Lightweight design

A960 the weight of the entire fuselage is only 65g, of innovative inner skeleton design, the shell is thin and durable.

Gamer-Fit Non-slip coating

Dareu self-developed new Gamer-Fit anti-skid drawing layer, better skin-friendly and wear-resistant, it improved surface adsorption force characteristics, so that the anti-slip ability to increase with palm moisture.

High-end performance

With a PMW3389 Optical Sensor,it can be fast locking target; with enough powerful software custom space for players to add wings.

OMRON 50 Million Times Constant Clicking

Fretting switches that have been repeatedly tested over and over again can withstand long time without being affected.

Cool RGB lights(Only Black Color Mouse has RGB lights)

The A960 mouse side uses two lighting led lamp belt, matches the RGB running horse to shine to have the stunning colorful color visual effect.

Pure right hand mouse

A960 ,the advantages of combining pure right mouse and symmetrical mouse, the combination of grip comfort and control stability is realized by removing the limitation of forced right mouse caused by excessive right and low.

Soft wire

The soft degree of wire can achieve weaving effect, not only protect the inside of the wire body, improve the texture of wire at the same time more wear-resistant.

Selection of color

Cool black KB Yellow

Product parameters

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