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MOTOSPEED CK80 Wired Mechanical Gaming Keyboard - Zeus optical switch - Waterproof

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May. 23, 2022

I make a living with my keyboard. I LOVE this one. My grown sons are gamers. I'm used to getting mocked for my digital preferences. Not this time! Nice job MOTOSPEED!

May. 22, 2022

I love using this keyboard as a desktop keyboard,this keyboard is a superb purchase and you really can't beat the price. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a very affordable, very versatile keyboard.

May. 20, 2022

I bought this keyboard because it is an affordable, high-quality mechanical keyboard. On those fronts, this keyboard excels. It comes at a very nice price, and the tactile feedback is superb.

May. 19, 2022

This is a great keyboard that I have thoroughly enjoyed using daily for work. The switches aren't too loud, the build quality is great.

May. 17, 2022

I love this keyboard it works great. I don’t use it for gaming I use it for work. I had to work from home more and needed a keyboard this was a great price.

May. 16, 2022

This keyboard is one of the best I have purchased. The actual key sizing, shape, and spacing are almost perfect for me (fat fingers) allowing me to type more effectively with far fewer mistakes!

May. 14, 2022

I'm very impressed with this keyboard. It feels very high quality, the switches feel great. It's hard to find a better option for the price.

May. 11, 2022

I love the ergomonic keys and the clicky sound, it's a great keyboard, very happy with it!

May. 9, 2022

Great mechanical keyboard for gaming or working.Keeps it simple while delivering comfort and precision on the keystrokes. Really elegant design and can fit unseamingly in any work desk.

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Product Description

CK80 RGB Backlight+Full surround light strip mechanical gaming keyboard
Using pure PBT material two-color keycap
Full-key RGB lighting effects,12 lighting effect mode
Circular RGB streamer effect
The ZEUS optical chip
Corner knob design is more fashionable and convenient
Backlight Features:
Support common game mode button backlight and custom recording button backlight function.
Standard Edition: The FN+1 to 5 button lights up for the Fixed Game User Mode button.
Support 12 kinds of super bright LED lighting effects.
Wave mode, neon mode, raindrop mode, Ripple mode , wave mode 2, vortex mode, static mode, breathing mode, Gradually bright horse racing mode, press and light on, starry, laser mode
Support full key without conflict
Support lock WIN function and LED light effect indication, while locking WIN and lock APP key, Win Lock always lights up, after unlocking, Win Lock is off
Support potentiometer knob to adjust volume and brightness: the factory default is volume adjustment, when the knob switch is pressed, the brightness is adjusted (individual mode)
Support FN+ESC reset function, return to the "wave mode" default light settings.
Support FN+SL front side off / on backlight function
Support FN+PS custom recording function
Type: Mechanical Keyboard
Material: ABS,PBT
Features: Cool
Bluetooth Version: Not Supported
Cable Length (m): 1.6m
Connection: Wired
Interface: USB 2.0
Key Number: 104
Keyboard Lifespan ( times): 60 million times
Response Speed: 0.2M/S
Keyboard Type: Mechanical Keyboard
Backlight Type: RGB Light
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