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Motospeed P98 RGB MOUSE PAD
  • Motospeed P98 RGB MOUSE PAD
  • Motospeed P98 RGB MOUSE PAD
  • Motospeed P98 RGB MOUSE PAD
  • Motospeed P98 RGB MOUSE PAD

Motospeed P98 RGB MOUSE PAD


EUR 35.99

EUR 21.99 -39%
Product Brand: Motospeed
Product Category: Mouse Mat Pads
Shipping: Free shipping
Estimated Shipping Time: 25-40 business days
Stock: 99 pcs available
Cannot be shipped to: People's Republic of China.
Product Description



Customized LED lighting

Incredible lights glow from transparent edges and unique geometric designs on the surface of the mat. Unique design enables the LED lamp to emit a vibrant light without being overwhelmed and distracted by your game.





High Accuracy Fabric

MOTOSPEED RGB Chroma is not just a stylish mousepad, we offer a surface that will enhance your mouse movements. Thanks to its high accuracy fabric, you benefit from a perfect control of your mouse, no matter how fast you move it. You get a real edge over your opponents in-game, in order to experience gaming at the fullest.

Extremely Stable and Durable

Fitting a mousepad with a complete backlighting system, such as the one the MOTOSPEED RGB Chroma uses, requires to make it heavier. With its 820 grams weight, When you play games, the mouse pad is very stable.


1.8M Braided USB Cable,With nylon braided construction and a 10000+ bend lifespan,

One Control Buttons,Make it easy to switch between backlight mode,

Exquisite Packaging:1 x RGB Gaming Mouse Pad



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