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Wltoys A979 A979-A A979-B 1/18 2.4G 4WD Off-Road Truck RC Car

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 Product Size: 25.3×20×11.5CM

 Product Materials: PA

 Product Accessories: manual, charger, small cross sleeve



 1. Off-road 4WD wheel drive / RC system included / Professional large torsion propeller / Large capacity rechargeable battery.

 2. Strong cross-country, climbing performance without any site restrictions, no matter it is sand, mud, stone rugged mountain road and the like. You will experience the fast speed and the wonderful action.

 3. With precision bearings, bearing is an important equipment part. Its main function is to support the mechanical rotating body, reduce the friction coefficient in the course of its movement, and ensure its rotation accuracy.

 4. Using 2.4GHz remote control, 2.4GHz has great advantages, even there are other people in the operation of the aircrafts in the same space, the frequency will not be interfered with the same frequency.

 5. The fuselage wheel section has an active shock-absorbing plate that can reduce the instability caused by vibrations when the car is driving at high speeds.

 6. The trajectory of the RC car installed the differential is a beautiful arc when it is turning, and the differential is to help change direction, playing a role in balance-keeping, making the car more stable, without any rollover, which is completely comparable with the real car.

 7. Unique simulation of shock absorption will effectively reduce the vibration to make driving smoothly when high-speed car is running, and can effectively reduce the impact force the car encounters obstacles.

 8. With good water resistance, it could drive through the puddles and the beach and enjoy its speed and passion.

 9. The motor has a long service life and does not wear a diverter or a collector ring, with good steering and collection performance, making the spark within the permissible range, and the energy loss is small. Without overheat when running, low noise, reliable assembly, no damage.

 10. The tire is made by high quality rubber which is anti-abrasion, strong grip, deep tread and good anti-skidding effect. Hollow design of the tire could effectively attract vibration when the car is driving. 

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