HECATE by Edifier GX07 Wireless Gaming Earbuds

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Jun. 22, 2022

Build quality is better then expected the sound has loads of bass I like that with clear and crisp sound quality to it has a charging dock built into the case that houses the ear phones with led sides for that added wow factor.Easy install took seconds to connect.Comfortable in the ears to you get what you pay for with these dont miss a chance to own these you won't regret it 👍Theses are gonna be my only ear phone 👍

Jun. 15, 2022

Great noise cancelling mode for loud tasks like mowing and woodwork. Ambient noise mode gives a lot more depth to music, adding reverb and some slight white noise to balance out the lack of active noise cancelling.

Jun. 12, 2022

The overall quality of this product is amazing not to mention it has more features than even airpods.

Jun. 8, 2022

Honestly amazing I use them everyday. Best headphones I’ve used so far

Jun. 2, 2022

"If you want a REALLY heavy bass, these are perfect for you. The treble on these is ok, but the BASS is over the top. The LED display on these headphones is nice. The quality of the material is pretty nice too. I love the USB-C hookup and everything overall seems pretty good with these. Overall happy."

May. 27, 2022

There's a lot of technical stuff written about these earbuds and, to tell the truth, I don't understand most of it. What I do understand is that the sound from these buds is excellent whether I'm listening to a book on tape or music. The noise cancellation also works great.

May. 22, 2022

These work great. Can't hear anything while you are wearing. The sound is good. Battery life is sufficient. Good for gaming, listening to music or talking on the phone.

May. 14, 2022

Great sound quality and nice charging case.

May. 6, 2022

The Hecate GX07 buds have got be the coolest true wireless earbuds I’ve ever seen. The gray-graphite case has this sort of futuristic finish that may be too much for some, but for me, I actually appreciate it quite a bit. Just look at the pictures! Opening the case lids reminds me of a DeLorean. If that wasn’t enough to scream gamer earbuds, the front panel, back, and RGB lighting makes this very clear. And GX07s are not just all looks. They are very comfortable to start. I was worried that they would wobble due to the large stem, but choosing the right size tips, they stayed well in the ear and never jiggled or fell out of my medium-sized ears -even when jogging. Sure, they do stick out a bit, but I can live with that since they look pretty cool in my opinion.

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Product Description

HECATE by Edifier GX07 Wireless Gaming Earbuds, Bluetooth Gaming Earbuds Active Noise Cancellation, 60ms Ultra Low Latency, Noise Cancelling Mic, Gaming/Music Mode, App Control


• Unique design with RGB lighting effects enhances your gaming vibe
• Game mode with specially tuned H+ sound effect and 60ms low latency
• Hybrid ANC technology (-38dB) with ambient sound mode
• Dual-Mic ENC (Environmental noise cancellation) for clear phone calls
• Infrared in-ear detection: the music is automatically played/paused when earbuds inserted/removed
• Tap control for easy operation
• Personalize your settings and find more with the EDIFIER CONNECT APP
• Ergonomic in-ear design with 3 pairs of ear tips ensures the comfort of long-time wearing
• IP54-rated dust and water resistance for outdoor scenarios

-38dB Deep Noise Cancellation

With hybrid Active Noise Cancellation, the four MICs detect noise inside and outside of the ear, and the moving coil units reverse sound waves to -38dB to counteract the noise.

Three different sized ear plugs

* 38dB noise cancellation depth is achieved with active and passive Noise
Cancellation technology working together.
Data provided by Edifier Acoustics Lab.

Superior Sound Quality

Edifier Acoustics Lab has calibrated the 8mm complex diaphragm unit. With the support of double high-definition decoding of AAC and LHDC and the flagship acoustic configuration, GX07 is always ready to produce superb sound.

H+ Special Game Sound Effects 60ms Low Latency

Edifier Acoustics Lab precisely set the low latency of 60ms in order to meet the gamers requirements by optimizing gunfire and footsteps to make the game experience flow smoothly.

* Enhanced Sounds of Gunfire.
Enhanced Sounds of Footsteps.

Gaming/Music Dual Mode

Meeting the needs of different entertainment.

Ambient Sound Mode

Ambient sound mode can be switched by double
clicking the left piece and adjusting through the APP, with easy switching between the game and real world.


With four highly sensitive MICs and the precise beam algorithm, the ambient noise in different situations can be filtered to obtain a clearer and freer voice call.

Long Running Time and Quick Recharge

Earbuds and charging case adopt the quick charging technology. With Noise Cancellation off, the combined running time can be long as 26hrs and after 15minutes charging in the case, the earbuds can be used for 2hrs.

Connected to APP

Providing a better gaming experience via the exclusive Edifier Connect APP

In order to provide a better gaming experience, the in-ear detection setting is turned off as default; the earpiece needs to be double clicked to play music. If in-ear detection is required, please connect the APP to amend this function.

Poison Fang Design incorporating RGB Colorful Breathing lighting, the Soul of a Cyberpunk.



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