Motospeed M1 Gaming Mouse USB Wired 12000DPI Macro Adjustable Scroll Track RGB Backlight Optical Mice

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  • USD 40.10

Jun. 20, 2022

Works great for the price. Was not expecting too much out of it, but it's great. Lightweight. Fits my oversized hands. Works on every surface I put it on.

Jun. 17, 2022

this RGB mouse is super lightweight & smooth! the colors are gorgeous also! for sure worth the price!

Jun. 13, 2022

This is an amazing mouse for its price. Would recommend for all, especially new keyboard and mouse gamers.

Jun. 8, 2022

Its the best mouse yet. The colors are vibrant and the pattern feels nice under my hand. Currently unbeatable, get it!

Jun. 4, 2022

I'm no gamer but it works great for my everyday uses. The lights are so nifty and pretty. I'm happy.

May. 30, 2022

Personally I like my mouses light and most of all comfortable to hold for long periods of time. This one is excellent for that because of its honeycomb shape. I’m prone to sweaty hands so having that is a huge plus for me. Used it for a few hours at the office and honestly it was great. I feel like I could use it for a while without issue!

May. 25, 2022

Bought it as a gift, was delightfully surprised to seeing it used and enjoyed! far superior to the OEM and even some name brand aftermarket mice. The cool lighting effects (which have nothing to do with mouse performance are neat as well. I am going to have to buy one for me next!

May. 18, 2022

Fits comfortably in your hand while using computer

May. 12, 2022

It's fast smooth and very mobile.great mouse for long hours of gaming! super lightweight and durable. Couldn't be more happy with this product!

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Product Description

Product specification:

1) Dimension 117.19mm(L)*62.34mm(W)*39.80mm(H)

2) Material: body ABS

3D round transparent,

Black Rubber

3) Body color: button (misty white) + top cover (misty white) + light-emitting parts (misty white) + middle cover (black) + bottom shell (black) + DPI button (black) + side button (black) ) + Button (black)

4) 8KEY+ page turning wheel: 3D MOUSE

5) Body weight: 77± 5g without wire, 107± 5g with umbrella cord, 123± 5g with braided shielding wire,

6) Super wear-resistant Teflon foot sticker


Mechanical properties:

1) Switch operating force: 60±10gf

2) Button operating force: 70±10gf

3) 3D button operating force: 100±20gf (the vertical force at the center of the mouse button), the life of the wheel is 1 million cycles.

4) Switch life: about 20 million times.

5) Cable length: USB gold-plated 1.8M (exposed 1.7M), five-core shielded braided wire with magnetic ring

Electrical parameters:

1) Operating system environment: Windows XP /Vista/win7/win8/win10/Macintosh OS

2) Working voltage: DC 5V±5%, working current: ≤200mA

3) Built-in LED infrared light in the bottom IC

4) The internal photoelectric IC is the original phase "PMW3360"

5) Interface: USB2.0

6) High resolution: 12000dpi

7) DPI blinking mode adjustment: 400 red/800 blue (default)/1600 green/3200 purple red/6400 orange/8000 yellow/12000 white

8) SPI sampling time: 8ms/2ms default/1ms

9) USB refresh rate: 125HZ/500HZ default/1000HZ (button adjustable)

10) Image processing FPS: 12000 frames/sec

11) Maximum speed: 250IPS

12) Acceleration: 50g

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