Motospeed M1 Gaming Mouse USB Wired 12000DPI Macro Adjustable Scroll Track RGB Backlight Optical Mice

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Product specification:

1) Dimension 117.19mm(L)*62.34mm(W)*39.80mm(H)

2) Material: body ABS

3D round transparent,

Black Rubber

3) Body color: button (misty white) + top cover (misty white) + light-emitting parts (misty white) + middle cover (black) + bottom shell (black) + DPI button (black) + side button (black) ) + Button (black)

4) 8KEY+ page turning wheel: 3D MOUSE

5) Body weight: 77± 5g without wire, 107± 5g with umbrella cord, 123± 5g with braided shielding wire,

6) Super wear-resistant Teflon foot sticker


Mechanical properties:

1) Switch operating force: 60±10gf

2) Button operating force: 70±10gf

3) 3D button operating force: 100±20gf (the vertical force at the center of the mouse button), the life of the wheel is 1 million cycles.

4) Switch life: about 20 million times.

5) Cable length: USB gold-plated 1.8M (exposed 1.7M), five-core shielded braided wire with magnetic ring

Electrical parameters:

1) Operating system environment: Windows XP /Vista/win7/win8/win10/Macintosh OS

2) Working voltage: DC 5V±5%, working current: ≤200mA

3) Built-in LED infrared light in the bottom IC

4) The internal photoelectric IC is the original phase "PMW3360"

5) Interface: USB2.0

6) High resolution: 12000dpi

7) DPI blinking mode adjustment: 400 red/800 blue (default)/1600 green/3200 purple red/6400 orange/8000 yellow/12000 white

8) SPI sampling time: 8ms/2ms default/1ms

9) USB refresh rate: 125HZ/500HZ default/1000HZ (button adjustable)

10) Image processing FPS: 12000 frames/sec

11) Maximum speed: 250IPS

12) Acceleration: 50g

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