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GeoVox Steam CD Key Global


EUR 29.99

EUR 12.26 -59%
Platform: STEAM PC
Tags: Software
Stock: In Stock
Product Description

GeoVox is the latest real time world generation software application created by Axis Game Factory, Inc. GeoVox is a completely new stand-alone Voxel based real-time terrain creation tool.

GeoVox instantly creates lush AAA quality environments at the start of the application. Designed with intuitive game like controls it allows users to test for level playability as they are creating.

Key features

Instant environment is generated at application start

Simple tools that allow users to edit the environment as needed without a steep learning curve

Clean, low overhead GUI that allows for fast terrain editing, without limiting users creativity

Standard game controls to allow users to explore their environment to simulate gameplay

Flying Camera or FPS style with gravity and jump ability camera modes

Full real-time Voxel based terrain editing

Easily edit the terrain with simple point and click volume brushes

Define Voxel brush sizes and shape

Single click and click and drag on Voxel application

Offset Voxel brush from center or base

Brush snapping

Add Voxel volumes

Cut Voxel volumes

Paint Voxel volumes

User definable smoothing

Cut volumes and Paint textures and apply environmental assets simultaneously

Create a pallet of Voxel types to be used in your environment

Voxel types can include textures, assets and vegetation

Mix and match variables to create many Voxel types

Voxel types can be applied upright or aligned to terrain normal

Assets can have user defined depth off-sets

Fully featured fractal algorithmic terrain generator

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venkata jyothi
Jun. 24, 2020
Great job very happy with results. Will come back
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