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May. 23, 2022
great mouse , this is perfect with my first letter D on the mouse,and they shipped very fast!
May. 21, 2022
This mouse is amazing. It works very very well. Usually I have trouble with mouse because when I use them, I click somewhere and pointer goes somewhere else. But not with this One. It works smooth and does not make too much noise with clicking sounds so you can work till late nights. I highly recommend this wireless mouse.
May. 18, 2022
My gf’s previous mice was gone then I got this for her. It’s beautiful and perfect grip for small hand. Very smooth without mouse pad :)
May. 17, 2022
Love this mouse. Great quality. Fast, looks great and love the lights! Love that you can do cord or wireless.
May. 14, 2022
I use computers quite often, so I tend to use my mouse a lot. I really do love it. Great hand support, and moves smoothly.
May. 10, 2022
The mouse was all that my son wanted. He is very happy!
May. 8, 2022
Great value. The mouse is very responsive.
May. 7, 2022
really good mouse for the great price
May. 6, 2022
This mouse is super comfy and really nice! Just as pictured! It came super quick too which is an added bonus
May. 3, 2022
Livraison rapide, bon produit.
Apr. 20, 2022
Gostei muito do produto, um dos melhores mouses que ja vi e usei
Apr. 15, 2022
Fast shipping nice product
Apr. 2, 2022
I really like this mouse for a lot of reasons. It’s responsive, smooth, and comfortable to use.
Mar. 24, 2022
I love this mouse. I’m not a gamer, so I don’t know how good it is for that, but it works just fine for me. It’s very smooth and all the buttons work well. I recommend this product if you’re looking for a mouse.
Mar. 18, 2022
Exceeded expectations. Super sensitive mouse. I did not buy this mouse for gaming, I take online college classes and needed a new mouse for my at home desk top. So for gaming i have review, but for basic surfing and office work this mouse is excellent.
Mar. 3, 2022
My son told me this was the best gift ever.
Feb. 26, 2022
I use the mouse primarily for wgt golf and it along with some new clubs that I purchased have really helped my game. I now use the mouse for everything and I am very satisfied with how it performs. Thanks.
Feb. 17, 2022
Incredible option, high quality.
Feb. 5, 2022
Works pretty good like the expensive ones!! Would recommend!!
Jan. 24, 2022
Dude this mouse is so damn good for the price. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for a cheap high performance mouse.
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