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Martin cai
Oct. 31, 2019
I'm a gamer, I bought few pairs of headphone for both PS4 and PC gaming. I was very surprised by what this headphone can offer! For this price point I don't think you can get anything better than this. It's good quality, comfortable, easy to use, very good sounds and noise cancellation! I mean, come on guys! I had some headphone over $100 can stand up with this one!
david miele
Oct. 16, 2019
Works great for the given price. Good bang for your buck
Oct. 15, 2019
I bought this headset to watch movies and play games. The sound quality is very good. I would recommend to my friend to buy this headset. It is very comfortable to wear on the ear. A very cool headset with long cables and good looks. The price is a lot cheaper than what I see in the store. Everything is very good, I like it a lot.
Tim DutchTechNerd
Oct. 9, 2019
The headset is very big, but it's also very comfortable to wear. It doesn't give you a headache like other big headsets. The lighting is nice, but I would have like to see more color options.
gio frank
Sep. 26, 2019
Took this right out of the box and there was the headphones inside a recycled type bag with a pc extension cable. From the box to the headphones everything looked really nice & premium like! I thought this product was around $50 but it's half that!
brenda j
Sep. 26, 2019
When I got those headphones I was so happy that they were big and comfortable. I went through bunch of headphones in my life and I really hate small ones that sit on top of your ears.
Those headphones are generously BIG and go over entire ear. This size makes entire experience so much better because after wearing them for hours either playing games or listening to music, your ears do not hurt.
Size is only one of the best features of this headphones.
maciej frank
Sep. 26, 2019

I recently got this gaming headset and have been using it every day since! Before having these headphones I used a pair of dollar general headphones that cost twenty dollars (almost just as much), so these were a huge upgrade. For thirty bucks these things work great. They Fit comfortably on your ears, have amazing sound quality, are simple to set up, and so much more