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J.D. Witherspoon
Nov. 2, 2020
I ordered the Cololights for a nice atmosphere in the living room and I have to say that I am more than satisfied. The Cololights make a great atmospheric light. The free app is easy to use and it's really fun to create your own effects and to try them out.

At first I had problems integrating the Cololights into the WLAN. So I just wrote to the manufacturer's support team. He answered me quickly and very sympathetically, absolutely well. More precisely it was about resetting the Cololights ... I pressed the big button in the middle of the base for 10 seconds. Nothing happened then. But it is also logical, because the big button in the middle is not the reset button - it is to the left of it and has to go with e.g. a paper clip. Classic operator error on my part.

Now that I have performed the reset, the rest of the time went like clockwork. Integrated into the WLAN, loaded the app on the mobile phone, done and go.

Since the product convinced me, as already mentioned at the beginning, I am looking forward to expanding my Cololights with further modules.

I'm giving you a very clear buy recommendation.
Avery Reed
Oct. 10, 2020
Lifesmart quantum light is an intelligent lighting product that supports random splicing of shapes and color change at will.
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